CaptRuf's e500 w >37K miles on 1-1-2009

First introduced in 1991 and in production until 1995, the 500e was built in collaboration with Porsche-AG. The model underwent a few changes during its production life, including being renamed "500E" in 1993, and other upgrades (headlights, grille, and trunk lid) in 1994.


At at end of production, 10,479 of these sedans had been built.


"As good-natured as a luxury limousine, as dynamic as a high-speed sports car – could such a car be comfortable on top? It can, and this is the most surprising characteristic of the suspension. Despite their taut tuning, the springs and dampers absorb bumps and potholes in such a well-behaved manner that even pampered contemporaries will have little reason to complain"

- Auto, Motor und Sport, edition 25/1990

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    Adrian (Saturday, 23 January 2010 20:50)

    great looking car, hopefully I'll have one soon. My dad is a bit of a collector of these cars, he has one 93 and a 94.

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    declan (Monday, 26 April 2010 06:34)

    its look perfect black on mono III